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Sari Recycled Gift Wrap Large

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These beautiful and vibrant sari gift wrapping cloths are lovingly handmade. Shakti.ism strive to empower and employ women from marginalised communities (currently in India and Bangladesh), especially those at risk of being impacted by gender-based violence. With the aim to preserve traditional craft and promote the circular economy by upcycling unwanted saris to be used as gift wrap. They are a great alternative to paper gift wrap as they can be re-used again and again! The unique fabric* is made using entirely recycled, reclaimed sari fabric and can wrap just about anything! Each cloth is made from 2 different saris (one on each side) so there are 2 different designs to choose from.\n*Colours and patterns will vary as each item is made from upcycled sari fabric.Dimensions:\nLarge cloth: 60cm x 60cm

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How to Use

Care: Gently hand wash in cold water. Hang or lay flat to air dry.How to Use:\nMethod 1: Square or rectangle items like books & boxes:\nPlace the item diagonally in the centre of the wrapping cloth. If the item is rectangular, then fold up the corners of the fabric on either side of the longest edges of the item. Ensure the fabric is pulled tightly and tie the two opposite corners together. Next, do the same with the remaining two corners and form a knot. Then retie the same two corners to form a knot. If the object being wrapped is square, then it doesn’t matter which opposite corners are tied together first, but follow the same steps as above.\nMethod 2:\nPlace the item in the centre of the wrapping cloth, fold the cloth over from the left or right and then repeat from the other side. Fold the top and bottom ends under the item and secure with a ribbon or pretty string or thread.