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Bee Hotel

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This wonderful solitary bee hotel is perfect for gifting, or creating your own bee-friendly nesting space for these precious pollinators to lay their eggs.

Unlike honeybees, solitary bees make their nests on their own and lay eggs in tunnels such as dead wood or hard soil. A bee hotel mimics these conditions, creating a safe nesting place for these precious pollinators who's natural habitat is under increasing threat due to many factors including increased use of chemicals in farming and fewer wildflower meadows and hedgerows as building properties increases.

Bees play a critical role in the ecosystem with many other animals depending on them, as well as pollinating vital crops, flowers and trees which are crucial for food supply all over the world. Bee hotels are perfect to encourage bees into your garden or allotment. Solitary bees do not have honey to protect they are non-aggressive, meaning that they are safe around pets and children. Males generally have no sting and females will only sting if handled roughly or trod on.

The manufacturer is partnered with One Tree Planted, so for every product sold, they will plant one tree! Hand made from 100% recycled fibres, and FSC certified wood. Comes ready to hang in a sunny spot with two hooks attached (no mounting screws included).


Hand made from 100% Recycled Fibres, and FSC Certified Wood.

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How to Use

Bee Hotel Checklist:

- South/South-East facing

- 1 metre plus above ground level

- Hang securely, so it won't swing

- Plant bee-friendly flowers nearby