Olive Oil Benefits

To put it simply, Extra Virgin is the gold standard of olive oils. Virgin, or pure oils, just don’t have the same benefits. The criteria for defining an Extra Virgin Olive Oil can get a bit technical, but basically, it means: The olives have been crushed within 72 hours of picking. It has been cold pressed (extracted by a mechanical process without heat) without the use of chemicals or solvents – this is important because when an oil is heated and chemically treated, it strips it of the antioxidants that make it so healthy.
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1. Use it daily in the kitchen

The fresh, fruity taste of our Spanish Olive Oil is perfect in salad dressings, or in marinades and rubs for meat, poultry and seafood. Use it every day to roast, sauté and in baked goods. Drizzle over steamed greens, into soups or enjoy in pasta dishes.

Most cooking (frying, roasting and baking) is done below the smoke point of a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil (about 200 degrees), which means you won’t be producing any harmful chemicals when cooking with it – just don’t use it for deep-frying. The health-giving antioxidants can be reduced during prolonged heating, but many remain intact. Cooking vegetables in Extra Virgin Olive Oil will actually help you absorb the antioxidants and vitamins in the vegetables.


2. Great for skin 

Olive oil can be very soothing and moisturising when applied to the skin, especially dried hands and feet.

Try soaking your feet in warm water before bed, patting them dry with a towel and then applying olive oil to both feet. You can even wear socks afterwards to keep the oil in and to stop it from getting on your sheets!




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