Embrace the joy of
slower living...

Zero-waste is more than a philosophy, it’s a way of life that lies close to our heart. It’s about mindfulness, taking small steps to rethink the way we shop, how we reuse and recycle in order to achieve a giant leap for the future health of our environment and of course our children. From sourcing our produce locally, to our plastic bag free promise, The Source Bulk Foods is continually finding new ways to embrace the zero waste mentality.

It is our mission to make sustainable living easy, which is why we have developed a range of easy guides and tips & tricks to get you started!

Top 10 Plastc-Free Tips

Choose to refuse single-use plastic, here are 10 really easy tips to help you get started!

Zero-Waste Cleaning

Easy guide to eco-friendly cleaning at home! Our top tips to get your house sparkling & fresh!

Benefits of Buying Bulk

Learn why buying in bulk & becoming a sustainable shopper is better for your health, your wallet and the environment!

DIY - At Home Sprouting

All you need to invest in is a mason jar, a small square of mesh and a rubber band to start sprouting at home!

Cooking & Soaking Guide - Beans, Pulses & Grains

Follow this simple guide for easy bean and grain preparation...

Easy Steps Towards Waste Free Living

Easy, quick, simple and fun ways to dramatically reduce your waste!