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Everything you need to know about your Source Rewards account

Source Rewards - Simple and Generous.

Our Source Rewards program is unique both in it's simplicity and genorisity. Quite simply for every £1 you spend with us instore or online you earn 3p on your account to be used to offset the cost of future purchases. You can use it immediately next time you visit, or you can save them for a big splurge, its up to you.

  Every £1 spent earns 3p in points

  Use your points to offset future spend instore or online 

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What are Source Rewards?

Source Rewards are a loyalty program we offer to all The Source Bulk Foods customers, whether you shop with us instore, online or both. We have designed the program to be both simple (no complicated math required), generous (.... just compare us to your local high street retailer) and most importantly of value to you as we actually give you savings on future shops, to use when you want on any product. What's more we don't ask much in return, we dont even need you to carry a card or download an app.

So what do you get? Basically, every time you shop with us you will earn Rewards Points at a rate of 1pt per £1 spent, each point is then worth 3p. In simple terms this means you spent £1 you earn 3p, or in other terms for every £10 you spend you earn 30p saving. In effect you earn points a rate of 3% of your spend.

Note, you can only spend Rewards points on your next transaction, not apply against the transaction earning the points.

How do I sign-up for a Source Rewards account?

You can sign up for Source Rewards instore when doing your first shop or online.

Instore Sign-Ups

If signing up instore the team will guide you through the sign-up process, it should only take a minute or so. To sign-up you will be asked for your first and last name, an email address and for you to set a 'unique card number'. We won't actually give you a card (we are about no waste and who wants another card to carry anyway) so we will use your card number you set to find your account each time. In our experience, the most memorable and unique number we each have is our mobile phone number, so we will recommend you make that your rewards card number.

Online Sign-Ups

To sign-up online you simply need to create an account on our website via the person icon top right of our site header. You will need to provide a first and last name and email address, as well as set a password. After that you are all set.

Note for Instore customers accessing your account online for the first time - an instore account will not automatically be visible online, you will need to bring it online by creating a new account online using the same email address you provided instore (see Troubleshooting FAQ below). The system will then link and forever sync accounts that have the same email address, so it will operate as a single online and instore account. Please note when creating your online account using the same email address we have for you instore you still need to set a new password as you are effectively creating a new account on our site.

Where can I check my Source Rewards balance?

Provided you have created an online account (including if you first shopped instore) you can view your Rewards Points balance on our site.

Simply hit the Orange Button bottom right of our site, it should look something like this (or a smaller version on mobile)

This will open up your Source Rewards account panel where you can see your points balance (amount in the banner), see other ways to Earn points (most without spending more), how to Redeem your points online, and finally your account activity (towards at the bottom). Here is a summary of what you should expect to see:

Can I use my instore account online?

Yes, you can bring your instore account online and earn points both for instore and online purchases.

For Instore customers accessing your account online for the first time you will need to create a new 'online account' using the same email address you provided us for your instore (see Troubleshooting FAQ below). The system will then link and forever sync accounts that have the same email address so that it will operate as a single online and instore account. Please note when creating your online account using the same email address we have for you instore you still need to set a new password as you are effectively creating a new account on our site.

How do I redeem my points when shopping instore or online?


When you are completing your purchase at the till, the team will usually ask you if you are you have a Source Rewards account and for you to enter your unique card number (probably your mobile no.) into the customer facing iPad screen. This will bring up your account and ensure that your transaction earns points onto your account. Prior to paying, the team member and/or system will prompt you to use any existing points to offset the final total. There is no minumum amount of points you can redeem instore.


To use your points online follow the steps outlined above to sign-up, after which simply open the Source Rewards account panel using the Orange buttom bottom right of the website. From there select Redeem points. Note for online spend you can only redeem in lots of 30pts (£1 worth).

Do I need to provide my email address to have a Source Rewards account?

No we don't need to have your email address for you to have an account but of course we would love to be able to tell you more about us. If you sign-up instore you will receive an account opening Welcome Mail explaining more about your Source Rewards account, if you do not wish to receive more emails from us you can unsubscribe from our mailing at the bottom of that mail. Of course you will miss out on specials and discounts but it won't impact your Rewards account and ability to participate in the loyalty program. Note we need a valid email address if you want to view and use your points on our website so that we can link the accounts using the email address, however you can unsubscribe during the online account creation process also however if you unsubscribed after receiving your Account Welcome mail after signing up instore you will stay unsubscribed.

If you sign-up online, you can choose to subscibe or unsubscribe from our mailing list at the time of sign-up. You will still receive an Account Welcome mail confirming activation but that is all.

Can I still get points on my previous orders if I wasn't signed up at the time?

If your orders were instore then unfortunately we cannot apply the points from your past transactions as we have no way of finding the relevant orders. If there is a specific order you can recall we can try to find it on a best efforts basis.

Online orders however all earn points, even when your account isn't activated as the system uses the email address provided at the time of order to create a guest account and it starts to earn points on all transactions using that email. To view your points and use them you simply need to activate your account which is done by following the sign-up process.

Account Troubleshooting

I have an account I use instore but the online store does not recognise it when I try to log-in

If you are trying to acess your instore account online for the first time you will first need to 'activate' your account on our website (see above in FAQs section). This is because we have separate systems for managing online and instore accounts which we link together behind the scenes.

To link your instore account to our online site all you need to do is create a new account and ensure that you use the same email address that you provided us instore. Once you have done this your new online account and your instore account will be 'linked' and function as one account.

If when creating a new account you use a different email address you will have two accounts. That is ok however means your points will be spread across two accounts and you wont be able to view your instore points balance online. If you think this has happened see the section below.

I have registered my account but I can't see my Rewards Balance 

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to see your expected Rewards Balance but most likely it is because when setting up the online account you provided an email address different to the one provided when signing up instore. Not to worry, just email us to and we will look into it for you and if you wish we can merge the accounts. If you did use the same email address and still can't see any balance after an hour or so email us to so we can have a look.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password to your online account you will need to reset it via the link on the sign-in screen. We can't see your password so can't tell you what it is. We can however reset the account in the back-end but this will be the same as you resetting your password directly.

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