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Give someone special a gift that can show them a new way of shopping and a lifestyle that is about conscious shopping, healthy food and caring for the environment. More than ever the thing everyone needs less of is more physical things.

Our gift cards can be used in so many ways. To indulge with our quality chocolates and treats and specialty teas or for a pamper with our personal care range and bath salts. For a health boost to nourish the body with our superfood powders, wholefoods and specialty foods. And there are always our zero waste essentials for the kitchen, bathroom and day to day living.

Considering Using Instore?

These e-gift cards are set up to be redeemed online; however, if you’d like to use it in-store, simply show the e-gift card to a staff member in-store and they can process this for you.

We also have an instore Gift Card product that we will set up to work exclusively instore. search Gift Card Instore in the search bar above.