9 Changes For A Greener Planet

There are ways to help reduce our impact on the planet that go beyond refusing straws and other zero-waste hacks. By making some simple changes in our daily life we can help create a cleaner, greener future. Many you can do without even leaving the house or spending money. Intrigued? Here we go:

Make your vote count! Use the power you’ve been given and vote whenever you have the chance. Vote for people who want to help this planet or support a cause important to you.

9 changes for a greener planet

Embrace the joys of public transport. Let someone else do the driving for you and lose yourself in a good book or listen to a podcast on your way to work. Take it one step (or pedal) further and walk or cycle to get extra health benefits.

Write a “Letter”… or today’s equivalent. Go on, be demanding. Not a fan of second-hand shopping but worried about the negative impacts of the fashion industry? Write to brands or contact them in social media to ask how and by whom their clothes are made. That’s right, you can drive a positive change from the comfort of your own sofa with just a few clicks! Not a wordsmith? Fashion Revolution has great templates you can use. If you’re on a roll, you can contact other brands and ask about the use of pointless plastics or excess packaging.

Less planes, more trains. Explore the wonderful destinations near you and leave flying to birds. Discovering new places and getting into the holiday spirit doesn’t have to mean hopping on a plane. Every flight you don’t take counts – it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

train public transport less emission sustainable transport

Get chatty. Start (friendly) conversations about the environment and ways to protect it. Talk (try not to preach) to your friends and family about these things and try to set an example for a more sustainable living.

Get your green on and change to renewable energy. Don’t worry, changing to green energy doesn’t mean you’ll need to pedal for power. 

smart meter ireland renewable energy

Let nature take care of waterfalls. Don’t start competing with Niagara Falls but close the tap whilst brushing your teeth, shaving your legs or shampooing your hair. Water is precious – let’s treat it that way.

Skip cleaning and go gleaning. Be a superhero for the day and go rescue fresh, surplus veggies and fruits from farms. Saving tons of veggies (and CO2) from going to waste whilst getting exercise and fresh air – what’s not to like? The awesome non-profit Feedback arranges gleaning days that beat hoovering and dusting.

Forget about the laundry and put your feet up. Washing your clothes less often (and in cooler temperatures) means fewer micro plastics from our synthetic clothing end up polluting the waterways. Less laundry and cleaner planet? Sounds like a sweet deal to me. Bonus points for getting a Guppyfriend laundry bag to wash your synthetic clothes in (available in The Source Bulk Foods).

In case you’re not impressed by the above list then all the usual suspects that also make a positive difference:  making use of what you have, favouring second-hand, ditching unnecessary and avoidable single-use plastics, eating less meat & dairy and ensuring food ends up in a belly not a bin.

 eco friendly laundry

So many ways to help our joint home to thrive whilst enjoying life – Take your pick! And as the saying goes “The more, the merrier” 😉

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