Our Donation Charities 2023

Our Donation Charities 2023

Whilst we can get swept up in the excitement of gifts, Christmas is also a time to come together and consider those less fortunate.This year each store will be collecting donations in aid of a local charity that is providing support to the local community. 


Shelter is a charity that operates in England with the mission to advocate for the right to a safe home. They work tirelessly to combat the housing emergency, which has severe impacts on individuals and communities. Highlighting the severity of the issue, Shelter reports that over 131,000 children are expected to wake up without a home on Christmas, the highest number on record. The organisation emphasises that this situation is an outrage and insists that change is possible with the support and involvement of the community.

For a detailed overview of their work, initiatives, and how to support them, you can visit their website directly at Shelter England.


The Foodbanks are part of the Trussell Trust, which is dedicated to a future where food banks are unnecessary. The Trussell Trust manages a network of over 1,300 food bank centers across the UK, providing at least three days’ worth of nutritionally-balanced emergency food to those in crisis, referred by professionals such as advice agencies and social services. Acknowledging the unique struggles against poverty, the Trust works to address the structural issues behind it, with a mission to create a just and compassionate society where no one relies on food banks. In one year, almost 3 million emergency food parcels were distributed, highlighting the scale of their impact. Volunteers are integral to their operations, with 28,000 individuals across the UK contributing their time and skills to support those facing hunger and poverty.

For more comprehensive information about The Trussell Trust and their work, visit their website directly at The Trussell Trust.

Our Putney store is supporting Foodbank Wandsworth and our Chiswick store is supporting Foodbank Ealing

West Hampstead Community Food Hub

The West Hampstead Community Food Hub began its operations at St Cuthbert’s Church to support local families during the COVID pandemic. Run by Sidings Community Centre and volunteers, the Hub provides weekly food parcels to over 140 households. They depend on food and fund donations to sustain this effort. As the pandemic's effects persist the need for their services continuing to grow. The Food Hub encourages community involvement to maintain their operations, asking for support through donations and social media awareness.

For more detailed information and to learn how to support the West Hampstead Community Food Hub, visit their website at West Hampstead Community Food Hub.

Woodgreen, The Animals Charity

Wood Green, The Animals Charity, is committed to the welfare of pets, rehoming thousands each year and informing their practices with over a century of experience. Their policies emphasise the recognition of animals as sentient beings, prioritising quality of life and the provision of a secure and protective environment. They undertake a non-selective approach to rehoming, addressing serious medical or behavioral issues in pets with care and responsibility. Additionally, their intake policy reflects a balance between animal welfare, available resources, and the needs of potential owners, accepting animals as soon as possible or providing alternative referrals.

For more comprehensive details on their work and policies, please visit their website directly at Wood Green, The Animals Charity.