Rock On, Waste Off: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Summer Music Festivals

Get ready to dance, sing, and celebrate - it's festival season! But as we prepare for the time of our lives, let's also consider the environmental impact of these events. From plastic cups, single use tents to food waste, festivals can generate a shocking amount of waste. So, how can we enjoy responsibly? We've got you covered with some top tips to reduce waste while enjoying your favourite beats. Plus, we'll highlight some of the most eco-friendly festivals to attend. Let's rock on, waste off!

Bring Your Own Bottle:

First things first: stay hydrated! But say "no" to single-use plastic bottles by bringing your own reusable water bottle. Many festivals offer free water refill stations, so you can sip sustainably all day long. Don't forget your reusable coffee cup as well - it's the perfect accessory for those early morning pick-me-ups.

Cut the Cutlery:

When hunger strikes, be prepared. Bring your own cutlery set (think reusable forks, knives, and spoons) to avoid using disposable plastic utensils. Why not try our new stylish and lightweight Black+Blum sets that won't weigh down your backpack.

Pack a Picnic:

Why not pack some Source snacks in reusable containers? Not only will you save money, but you'll also reduce waste from food packaging. Plus, your snacks will surely be the envy of your fellow festival-goers. Our favourite festival snack would have to be the Chilli Rice Crackers, or if you were needing a health hit why not bring our High Protein Nut & Seed Mix or Tropical Fruit Mix for some sweetness!

Dress in style with preloved clothes:

Dressing up for a festival is all part of the fun and can really set the right tone for the event.  However, fashion is responsible for around 10% of all global carbon emissions. Reduce your climate impact by rescuing preloved outfits from landfill.  Shop in charity shops or use pre-loved clothing sites like Vinted and Depop to pick up the perfect festival outfit. With the early 00’s coming back you’ll be sure to find some vintage clothes that will keep you on trend this summer.

Sparkle sustainably:

We know that glitter can elevate an outfit to festival ready, however standard glitter is made from etched aluminium bonded to polyethylene terephthalate, a form of microplastic that can find its way into oceans and pose a danger to people and animals. Make sure you use biodegradable glitter made from plant-derived cellulose rather than a Bioglitter which is only 92% plastic free. Or why not opt for paints, reusable gems, or edible glitter to get your sparkle on.

Consider your transport:

The downside of a festival is usually the bumper to bumper traffic you are met with getting to and from the event.  This summer, why not reduce your impact on the environment and your stress levels by opting for public transport? 

Choose Eco-Friendly Vendors:

Support vendors who prioritise sustainability. Look for those using compostable or reusable plates, cups, and cutlery, and don't be afraid to ask about their eco-friendly practices. Voting with your wallet sends a strong message that festival-goers care about the environment.

Leave No Trace:

Adopt the "leave no trace" principle by cleaning up after yourself. This includes your tent.  Each year an estimated 250,000 tents were sent to landfill from British festivals.  Don’t let this be you.  Be mindful of the choices you make when choosing accommodation for the event, and go for tent rental for the lowest carbon emission option.  Collect all your waste, including recyclables, and dispose of it in designated bins. Remember, the cleaner we leave the festival site, the less work there is for the organisers and the better it is for our planet.

The Most Eco-Friendly Festivals to Attend:

Ready to rock on and waste off? Check out these summer music festivals leading the way in sustainability:

Glastonbury Festival 21 – 25 June – UK

A pioneer in eco-friendly festival practices, Glastonbury has implemented numerous green initiatives, including banning single-use plastic bottles, providing compost toilets, and supporting renewable energy.

Green Gathering 3-6 August - UK

This year the family-friendly festival won the 2023 International Greener festival award from environmental non-profit A Greener Future. Expect lots of veggie food options, upcycling workshops and the promotion of low-impact living, oh and run using 100% renewable power.

Green Man Festival 17 – 20 August – UK

Set in the stunning Brecon Beacons, the Green Man Festival is committed to being environmentally friendly. They offer reusable cups, solar-powered stages, and even encourage festival-goers to cycle to the event.

Shambala Festival 21 – 24 July - UK

Shambala is a leader in sustainability, with a strong focus on reducing waste, using renewable energy, and promoting vegetarian and vegan food options. They also offer workshops on eco-living, so you can take your newfound green knowledge home with you.

Electric Picnic 1-3 September – Ireland

Win goodies for recycling at Electric Picnic this year with Every Can Counts, who will be playing games and giving away prices for festival-goers that collect a full bag of empty cans.

This summer let's make music festivals not only a celebration of incredible tunes but also a celebration of our planet. By following these tips and attending eco-friendly events, you can make a difference while enjoying the best music scene. So, get your reusable gear ready and let the good times roll - sustainably, of course!


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