Sustainable Gifting - Eco-Brands On Our Wish List

Sustainable Gifting - Eco-Brands On Our Wish List

Buying gifts is tricky at the best of times especially if you are trying to gift mindfully and sustainably. At The Source we love to follow brands trying to do good just like us so thought we would share some of our favourites to provide some gift inspiration.

It began as a seasonal affair. A swift flock of emails to signal the arrival of a winter or summer sale.  Somewhere along the lines, however, the deluge of daily promotional content calling on us to increasingly buy on a whim has grown tiresome.

It is unsurprising that the cost of living crisis combined with the realisation of the environmental effect of constant consumerism has culminated in us beginning to look elsewhere. There has always been a romance to finding something brilliant in a charity shop, it feels more personal and an act of carefully curating what we possess rather than impulsively purchasing a trend.

Additionally we increasingly want what we buy to last and to have been made under ethical conditions.  This takes time and research, however, and can often feel out of reach. Fortunately, the world of online shopping has rapidly caught up. Sourcing second-hand items and buying from companies with a sustainable focus has become possible to do even whilst scrolling on your daily commute.

Here are a few of the team's favourites:


This is the seller’s friend - no hidden fees and the buyer always pays for postage. It is the perfect way to give a new life for those clothes that you never seem to wear anymore. Albeit if you’re anything like me, it can become more of an exchange as it is very easy to stumble upon beautiful items at affordable prices. My jumper drawer may have grown slightly in recent months…. You can filter by preferred brands, fabrics, sizes and make offers. This app is incredibly easy to use and fun. Give it a try.


Cirkel works on the same concept that second-hand shopping can simultaneously benefit your bank account and the planet and takes it uptown. Co-founded by an old Made In Chelsea cast member, the Cirkel’s clothes range from Jigsaw to Vivienne Westwood. You can even also shop the curated wardrobes of a selection of influencers. Furthermore, under the ‘Cikel Back’ scheme, returning your clothes within six months results in a voucher worth up to 70% of the price originally paid. It’s as cyclical as the seasons and trends that come and go find new homes.

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is truly about the sustainable lifestyle. It is about buying good things and using them for a really, really long time. A pair of Nudie jeans is aimed to be a lifelong companion, and even that of the next generation.  It embraces the effects of time, the slow softening and fading of the fabric through constant use and finds these beautiful. It offers repairs for life and 20% off on a new pair of jeans when you hand in your old ones (they will use the material for their repair service). Stitching and patchwork become a careful cherishing of what we already own. Nudie also fanatical about jean care, and have some interesting views about how frequently you should wash your jeans.


Founded in Australia in 2014,  Solidteknics have recently arrived in the UK market. This is an exciting moment for all sustainable chefs. These are pans designed for life, that don’t leach toxins into your food and that will never have to be replaced.  Their design is durable and functional as well as versatile and aesthetically pleasing. If you think pans can be beautiful, these pans are it. Worth noting that with these pans you need to take care of them, including a seasoning process before use. My favourite thing about these pans is that I can use metal utensils, and scrub off food with a metal wool scourer and it doesnt destroy my pan.


Pela creates beautiful eco-friendly phone cases that are compostable at the end of their use. The company takes sustainability seriously. They focus on low impact manufacturing, provide minimal packaging and donate to charities and organisations such as 1% For the Planet,. They are Climate Neutral and B Corp certified.  They also have a range of accessories such as card holders, smart watch covers, headphone covers and chain rings, and zero waste screen protectors.  There is a delightful range of colours and designs so there is something to suit everyone. Love the retro cassette case.


Finally, a new-found favourite of mine.  Pith designs and makes beautiful flat-lay journals, notepads and sketchbooks.They are honest about how the search for a truly sustainable process is always ongoing, but they’re doing pretty well so far! All materials are sourced with care, the paper is FSC-certified and they aim to manufacture and package the products with as minimal an impact as possible. Their scheme ‘We Plant, You Plant’ plants a tree for every item purchased and a small packet of ‘Desk Meadow’ seeds accompanies every order. This is aimed to help offset climate emissions, raise awareness and quite literally help make your day a little greener.

If you are interested in checking the ethical standard of your favourite brands, I can also recommend taking a look at which reviews companies on their impact on people, the planet and animals.