M*lk Carton Recycling Woes: Why Oat M*lk Powder is a Sustainable Alternative

In recent years, the importance of recycling has gained significant traction, with individuals and businesses alike seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact. One product that has come under scrutiny for its recycling challenges is double-lined milk cartons, a popular packaging choice for various beverages and food items especially plant based milks. In this article, we will explore the limitations of recycling these cartons and discuss an eco-friendly alternative: Oat M*lk powder from Overherd available to buy plastic free now at The Source.

The Recycling Conundrum

Double-lined liquid cartons have long been perceived to be recyclable. However, the reality is far from ideal with several challenges that hinder its effectiveness:

a) Limited recycling infrastructure: cartons, composed of a mix of paper, plastic, and aluminium, require specialised recycling facilities to separate and process the different components. Unfortunately, such facilities are not widely available, resulting in limited recycling options. Check the Recycle Now website to see whether they're picked up kerbside, or if you have to drop them off somewhere.

b) Low recycling rates: Even in areas with access to such recycling facilities, the recycling rates for these cartons remain disappointingly low. This can be attributed to various factors, including lack of awareness, inadequate collection systems, and confusion about the recyclability of these products. 

c) Downcycling instead of true recycling: In cases where cartons are successfully recycled, the process often involves downcycling rather than true recycling. Downcycling refers to the conversion of materials into lower-value products, resulting in a loss of quality and increased energy consumption.

Embracing an Alternative: Oat M*lk Powder from Overherd UK:

Considering the challenges associated with milk carton recycling, it is essential to explore sustainable alternatives that offer a reduced environmental impact. This is where Oat M*lk Powder from Overherd, a company committed to sustainability, available now at The Source totally plastic-free. Here's why it's a better choice for both consumers and the planet:

a) Bulk Format: Overherd UK prioritises sustainability, their Oat M*lk powder is in recyclable plastic but they are working to reduce packaging by selling to us in bulk format, so we can then offer this to you plastic-free.

b) Reduced carbon footprint: Oat M*lk powder requires significantly fewer production resources compared to liquid alternatives. Overherds production process minimises water consumption and carbon emissions, leading to a lower overall carbon footprint.

c) Versatile and long-lasting: Oat M*lk powder offers extended shelf life of up to 12 months in powder format, reducing the risk of food waste. Moreover, its versatile nature allows for multiple servings, minimising packaging waste in the long run.

d) Supporting ethical practices: Overherd prioritises ethical sourcing and production. Their Oat M*lk powder is made from high-quality, sustainably grown oats, ensuring that your choice aligns with responsible consumption and supports environmentally friendly practices.

While a standad milk carton may be a widely recognised packaging choice, its recycling challenges cannot be ignored. As consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact, it is crucial to seek sustainable alternatives. Overherds Oat M*lk powder offers a plastic-free, versatile, and ethically sourced option that is both better for you and the planet. By making informed choices and supporting companies that prioritise sustainability, we can collectively contribute to a greener and more eco-conscious future.

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