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Black + Blum Charcoal Water Filters

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Introducing the Black + Blum Water Filters – the simple and eco-friendly solution to enhance your tap water!

Just add the Black + Blum Water Filter Stick to your tap water and let it sit for 1-8 hours. Experience the magic as it naturally filters out any unwanted chlorine and adds essential minerals, giving you clean and tasty water to enjoy. Worried about the stick breaking? No need to fret! Even if it breaks, it will still work just fine, ensuring you always get the best quality water. The best part? Each Black + Blum Water Filter Stick can last up to 6 months and if you notice a slight decline in taste after 3 months, just boil the stick in water for 10 minutes. This will reactivate the powerful charcoal ions, enabling it to keep filtering impurities for another 3 months.

Designed to fit in all bottles, the Black + Blum Water Filters are made from 100% natural wood and are entirely plastic-free, making it an environmentally responsible choice.


100% Natural Wood.

How to Use

Simply add to water and leave for 1-8 hours, allowing the charcoal ions to filter any impurities in the water. Don't worry if the stick breaks, the pieces will still work just fine.

Lasts for 6 months but if you notice a decline in flavour after 3 months, all you need to do is boil the charcoal for 10 minutes and then it will continue to filter your water for another 3 months.