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Chillys Cup Peach Series 2 340ml

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Peachy keen reusable travel cup. With double walled technology this travel cup allows you to keep your coffees, teas and other hot drinks HOT for up to 4 hours whilst being on the move. The cup's rotating mechanism makes on the go sipping simple. The soft rubber base stops the cup from making any noise as well as giving it balance to stay up right when you put it down. So say hello to this gorgeous reusable travel cup that will leave you and the Earth smiling.

How to Use

To make sure your travel cup keeps your drink hot for the longest time possible, we recommend first filling it with boiling water to heat the inside, then emptying it out before filling your cup with a hot drink.

Please note that your drink will only stay hot relative to the temperature of the drink when it was first poured in. Whilst the lids will protect against most spills, the travel cups are not leakproof and if knocked over or placed in a bag whilst full, you do risk some drink spilling out of the drinking hole.

To Clean: use hot soapy water to clean after each use, do not leave the cup to soak for a long period of time as this will lead to paint damage and can cause the vacuum to become ineffective. Not suitable for dishwashers.

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