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Mooncup B

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The bathroom is a great place to start when looking at reducing your environmental impact. This menstrual cup is designed to last for years, so has the potential to dramatically reduce waste associated with sanitary products. It is estimated that we each use around 11,000 disposable sanitary products in a lifetime, which can end up in the sea or landfill.

In the long-term, this product can save you money, and will pay for itself in the cost of disposables in around 6-8 months.This menstrual cup is easy to use with a little practice (just follow the instructions provided) and can see you through a whole day if you don't have access to a bathroom. This makes it the perfect option for active lifestyles and travelling.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

How to Use

The Mooncup is a healthy and convenient alternative to tampons and pads which saves you money too. It’s great for swimming, sports and because it’s designed to last for years, it’s an easy way to dramatically reduce the waste you produce. Size A is for those who are 30 or over and all who have given birth vaginally. Size B is for those who are under 30 who haven’t given birth vaginally.