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Seep Compostable 30L Bin Liners (25 Bags)

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Seep Compostable Bin liners are an eco-friendly, vegan and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bin liners. Made from plant-based materials such as corn starch and other natural components, they are fully compostable and biodegradable, which means they break down quickly in a composting environment, leaving no harmful residues or microplastics behind.

One of the key features of Seep Compostable Bin liners is that they are FSC certified. This means that the materials used to make these liners come from responsibly managed forests and other sources.

By choosing Seep Compostable Bin liners, you are not only reducing your impact on the environment but also supporting sustainable forestry practices. These liners are a great option for households and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and promote more sustainable waste management practices.

Size: 56cm x 70cm


Mater-Bi biopolymer (corn starch and plant oils), solvent-free ink.


No Known Allergens.

All our products may contain traces of allergens due to cross contamination.

Country of Origin

Europe or United Kingdom.

How to Use

To use Seep Compostable Bin liners, simply place the liner inside your bin, and use it as you would any other bin liner. Once it's full, tie it and dispose of it in your home or community compost bin, or in a commercial compost facility.

It's important to note that Seep Compostable Bin liners should not be disposed of in regular waste bins or recycling bins, as they will not decompose properly in these environments and may contaminate other materials.