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Tape Paper

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Looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to your packaging needs? Look no further than paper tape! This versatile adhesive tape is not only a reliable choice for sealing your boxes and parcels, but it is also an environmentally conscious choice as well as being vegan. With paper tape, you can say goodbye to harmful plastics that pollute our environment for centuries. This means that you can dispose of it along with your cardboard boxes and paper packaging, reducing waste and helping to conserve resources. And, unlike plastic tape, paper tape is biodegradable and compostable, so it won't leave behind harmful chemicals or microplastics in the environment.

Why choose paper tape?

Sellotape-type rolls are made from plastic and not only does it not break down, plastic tape also contaminates the recycling systems making it impossible to effectively recycle other materials. Using a paper tape such as this one means that is does not have to be removed before recycling. You can recycle this tape along with your standard household paper waste - how much easier is that!