Mee CBD Protein Smoothies

CBD Protein Smoothie

1 | Serves

Easy | 5 mins

CBD protein smoothies are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD without having to change your existing routine. Here are some of the Mee CBD Teams favourite recipes. 

Why Add CBD to My Protein Smoothie

Adding CBD to your protein smoothie is a great way to build a routine which includes CBD and other adaptogens into your diet. But the question isn't just about adding CBD to your daily routine, it's about adding CBD to your protein smoothies. CBD is a scientifically proven anti-inflammatory. That means it helps to reduce inflammation in the body and support blood circulation for a speedier recover post workout.


CBD Post Workout Smoothie Recipe:

1 x Scoop of Pea Protein Powder

1 x Teaspoon Mee CBD Powder

1 x Teaspoon of Maca Root Powder

1 x Ripe Banana

1 x Handful of Ripe Pineapple

300 ml x Almond Milk (or your favourite plant-based milk alternative)


Morning CBD Coffee Protein Smoothie Recipe:

1 x Scoop of Chocolate Flavoured Whey Protein Powder

1x Teaspoon of Mee CBD Powder

1 x Tablespoon of Organic Peanut Butter

1 x Frozen Banana Slices

300 ml x Freshly Brewed Coffee (or Double Shot Espresso + 250 ml x Almond Milk)


Dessert CBD Protein Smoothie Bowl Recipe:

1 x Cup of Frozen Berries

1 x Teaspoon Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea

1 x Ripe Banana

1/2 x Cup of Oat Milk (or your favourite plant-based milk alternative)

1 x Scoop of Protein Powder

1 x Teaspoon of Mee CBD Powder 

Top with cacao nibs, coconut flakes, nuts or any of your favourite crunchy treats to add texture and rich flavour. Go nuts!


  1. Add the ingredients to your blender and blitz