Vegan Sourdough Starter

Vegan Sourdough Starter

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A vegan sourdough starter so you can indulge your inner baker! With zero-waste thinking at our heart, we love some creative ways people use their ‘discarded’ starter; have a look online for crumpet, muffin and pizza dough recipes! Happy baking!


🌱 = Get It From The Source 

1kg bakers or plain white flour 🌱

125g wholemeal flour 🌱

300ml pineapple juice (can be bottled or from tinned pineapple – just make sure it was canned in juice, not syrup!)

Filtered water (if possible)


  1. Day One:
    • Mix the wholemeal flour with 180ml room temperature pineapple juice. Once the juice is well mixed through, place the mixture into a wide-necked jar at least 1 litre in size. Cover with muslin cloth or a clean tea towel and secure with twine or elastic band to prevent any little friends joining the party. Leave for 24 hours at room temperature.
  2. Day Two:
    • Mix in another 115ml room temperature pineapple juice before adding 125g white flour. 
    • Cover again as per day one. 
    • Leave for another 24 hours at room temperature.
  3. Day Three:
    • You may now notice some bubbles or that the starter has increased in size (if not – don’t worry, that’s also fine!). 
    • You’ll now need to discard half of the starter. (However, we prefer the idea of putting half in an extra jar to give to a neighbour when it’s ready!) 
    • Mix your half with 125g white flour and 120ml room temperature filtered water. Leave for 24 hours again at room temperature.
  4. Day Four:
    • You should definitely notice some changes in your starter at this point; it should be around double the size of yesterday and you should be able to see some bubbles in it. If this is the case, repeat the steps from yesterday. 
    • If you don’t notice any changes yet, leave the starter for another 12-24 hours and consider moving it to a warmer part of the house.
  5. Day Five:
    • Morning: Repeat Day Three instructions. 
    • 12 Hours Later: Repeat again
  6. Day Six:
    • If your starter still isn’t quite doubling in size, continue with the twice daily feedings from Day Five and keep it in a warmer place if possible. If it has been regularly doubling in size between each ‘feed’, and looks nice and bubbly, you’re ready to get baking! 
    • You can use the part that you would otherwise have discarded to bake with when you feed it again. If you intend to bake with it a few times per week, you can keep it on the worktop and refresh it every day or so. 
    • If you are likely to only bake once or twice a week, you can save on flour by keeping it in the fridge in a sealed jar as this slows down the fermentation process. 
    • The best description we’ve found on when the starter is ready to use is that it has the texture of the inside of a cooked marshmallow! So a little spongy and holey! 
    • Once your starter is up and running, you may wish to play around with the ratio of water to flour to better achieve this consistency. 
    • Don’t worry if in between feeds you notice the top of the starter looks a little grey in colour or has a little brownish/grey liquid on top, just pour this away and feed it a little more frequently! 
    • It is actually quite difficult for a starter to go mouldy due to the acidic environment unless your jar isn’t completely clean to begin with.

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