The Benefits Of Our NEW Organic Probiotic Tea

We have a delicious NEW Organic Probiotic Tea available in store, which is bursting with benefits for both your gut and skin! Organic Probiotic Cacao Glow Tea, not only tastes like a hot chocolate for grown ups (without the guilt) it is also full of skin goodness, including millions of beneficial cultures per cup that will have you glowing from the inside out!

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The ingredients that make up the subtle hot chocolate flavour of our new tea include: Organic Cacao Husk, Organic Rosebud, Organic cinnamon and Vegan Cultures – Bacillus Coagulans.

Organic Cocoa Husk usually ends up on the landfill but this natural superfood is rich in nutrients such as, Vitamin B, A, iron, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, and Antioxidants, not to mention it tastes amazing!

Organic Rosebud helps relieve accumulated toxins and is also great for ‘that time of the month’.

Organic Cinnamon thanks to the antifungal and antibacterial properties, cinnamon helps in enhancing skin complexion and might help against acne and eczema.

Vegan Cultures the gut and the skin are intimately connected. An inflamed gut will often show up as inflammation of the skin. Good cultures like in our tea help prevent harmful bugs in your environment from taking hold and causing infection. They will also trigger the production of natural moisturisers in the skin, keeping the skin barrier healthy.

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The cultures also known as probiotics, which make up our Cocoa Glow tea, are “good” bacteria that when ingested in adequate amounts help support overall health.

Not all cultures are the same. Different strains offer different benefits and some culture strains survive digestive transit and temperature better than others. The most common culture types that comprise the majority of bacteria with recognised cultured activity: Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteria and Bacillus. The Bacillus culture used in this tea is a spore-forming culture which means that it is designed by nature to survive even the toughest conditions. With a natural occurring coat, it can survive both boiling and stomach acid. The protective “shell” only breaks when in the perfect condition – the gut.

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Over 25 Studies have been conducted on this culture and findings show these key benefits for our bodies.

  • Improved Digestive health
  • Improved Immunity health.
  • Increased Protein & Nutrient utilisation
  • Reduced Anxiety & Depression symptoms
  • Improve Skin conditions such as acne & eczema
tea field england


Our supplier’s cultured teas are blended and packed with love in the country side in England. The culture is sourced from one of the most advanced development facilities in the USA where they are also tested for their efficacy. In their loose tea form they are of course plastic and waste free, adding to the list of benefits of this tea.

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