Easy Guide to Zero-Waste Cleaning

Just when you thought our cleaning products could not get any better, our range has had a glow up! Not only have we added beautiful scents to our entire range of zero-waste household cleaners, but all our products are now also more concentrated. This means less water, which is better for the planet! (And a little goes a long way with our products). More concentrated = less water transportation & CO2 emissions = less waste! Produced in Northamptonshire by a local family-run business, we think you are going to love our new and improved range!


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Our delicately scented Honey & Orange Fabric Conditioner protects fibres and leaves your laundry soft and static-free! Suitable for use in automatics, twin-tubs and for conditioning delicate fabrics by hand.

How to Use:

Pour 20-50ml into machine dispenser. Do not pour directly onto fabric.



Produced from vegetable extracts (cool right), our Honey & Orange Laundry Liquid’s cleaning powers are top-notch and gentle on your clothes. With a delicate orange & honey scent, our laundry liquid is suitable for both machine and hand washing.

How to Use:

To Machine Wash: Pour the liquid into the machine dispenser. For a light wash use approx. 20ml of liquid, and for a heavy wash approx. 40ml (Industry standard liquid from the supermarket is usually 40-80ml per wash!).

To Hand Wash: Fill a large bowl with water, and place clothes into the wash bowl along with 20ml of the wash liquid. Leave garments to soak for around 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly in cold water. Always follow garment care instructions.



Made using biodegradable ingredients, this simple & sustainable laundry powder now features a sweet but subtle honey and orange scent, leaving your clothes smelling fragrant and fresh!

How to Use:

Machine Wash: Add the powder to the machine dispenser. For soft water use 1 Tbsp (20g), for hard water use 2 Tbsp, and for very hard water use 3 Tbsp.

Hand Wash: Fill a large bowl with water, and place clothes into the wash bowl along with 1-2 Tbsp of the wash powder. Leave garments to soak for around 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly in cold water. Always follow garment care instructions.

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Remove grease and stains with our 100% biodegradable washing up liquid. Scented with a warm and aromatic ginger, our Ginger Washing Liquid is perfect for everyday washing!

How to Use:

A little goes a long way – just add a few pumps to a bowl of washing up before scrubbing and rinsing.

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With the natural antibacterial properties of Eucalyptus and 100% biodegradable ingredients, our Eucalyptus Toilet Cleaner will leave your bathroom clean and minty fresh!

How to Use:

Pour the product into the bowl and under the rim. Leave it to soak ideally over night, or for as long as you can then scrub with a toilet brush and flush.



Clean hands doesn’t mean dry hands! Our Fig Hand Wash is 100% biodegradable, gentle on hands, and has a sweet and fruity scent – leaving your hands clean, fresh and fragrant!

How to Use:

Wet hands with warm water and apply 1 pump to hands. Work into a lather and then rinse away.

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When we say everything, we mean everything…

Our Bergamot All Purpose Cleaner can be used on floors, kitchens, surfaces and more! With a delicious bergamot scent your house will be looking and smelling amazing.

How to Use:

For Multi-Purpose Cleaning: Dilute 1:10 for all round washable, hard surface cleaning. Suitable for all surfaces including wood, vinyl, laminate and ceramic tiles. Simply spray on, and wipe clean.

For Kitchen Cleaning: Dilute 1:5 before spraying onto the surface. Leave for 15 seconds before wiping clean. This will effectively tackle grime on worktops, cookers and sinks.

For Floor Cleaning: Dilute 1:100 for mopping. Add warm water and apply with a mop or cloth.

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One of the most versatile cleaning products you can get! White cleaning vinegar is a great multi-purpose product that you can use for a whole range of household tasks. Vinegar is great for removing limescale, cleaning windows or even making your own multi-surface cleaner.

How to Use:

For Toilets: spray under the rim and around the bowl. Leave overnight or for as long as possible, then brush and flush!

For General Cleaning: apply cleaning vinegar to surface and wipe off with a cloth. Great for getting the shine back on glass, cutlery or metal taps!

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Ditch disposable clothes and one use wipes and switch to an eco-friendly reusable option. We have a wide range of cleaning brushes to get you started, including...

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