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Big Waffle Wash Cloth White (3 Pack)

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An aesthetically pleasing, beautifully designed waffle patterned and highly absorbent organic cotton wash cloth that can be used for personal care or as a distinct guest towel. It has a functional strap, so that you can hang it to air-dry after each use. 

Pack of 3. Dimensions: 25 x 40 cm / 9.8 x 15.7".

Supplier Highlight: The Organic Company, a B-Corp certified company, prioritizes the use of organic cotton. Founded by entrepreneur Joy Vasiljev in 2007, the company focuses on simple yet thorough designs to promote a minimalist lifestyle. All their products are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, ensuring they're free from harmful substances and manufactured with respect for workers' rights.


100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton.

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How to Use

Machine wash at 20 to 60℃ with eco-friendly detergents. Opt for the lowest temperatures possible. Avoid tumble drying, instead hanging items to air dry naturally. Skip softeners, which can harm the absorbency and consider adding a dash of white vinegar to the rinse cycle for residue removal. Steer clear of bleach to maintain the colours, wash with similar hues, and lightly reshape items post-wash.